New Research: Mothers Seek Simple Nutrition over Trendy Ingredients

Kiwifruit answers moms’ shifting preferences toward providing “authentically healthy” and environmentally-friendly foods for their families without sacrificing the convenience factor.

According to a recent nationwide survey1, mothers seeking to purchase healthy foods for their families are less attracted by new ingredients, and instead choose basic foods that are “fresh” and offer “balanced nutrition.” The research found that moms want foods that are innately nutritious and offer a direct link between the natural food and its health benefits. The surveyed moms also respond most to foods that provide their families with basic and familiar nutrients, such as vitamin C and calcium.

The simple, back-to-basics nutrition trend corresponds to a shift away from convenience-only foods and those with attractive packaging to kids. Dietitians and clients will be happy to know that kiwifruit satisfies both the desire for natural nutrition and convenience: it’s easy – just cut and scoop kiwifruit. With no need to peel, Green Kiwifruit offers a tangy-sweet flavor, while SunGold is more tropical-sweet. What’s more, a serving of kiwifruit naturally has twice the vitamin C of an orange, as much potassium as a banana and as much fiber as a bowl of bran cereal.

Kids find kiwifruit easier to eat than parents might initially think. While parents actively seek ideas for healthy foods to introduce into their kids’ diets, kids love choices. The vibrant colors of kiwifruit accompany extreme flavors that kids crave. Both Green and SunGold Kiwifruit varieties performed well in our informal kids’ taste tests.

This is good news since the influence of children’s food preferences remains a strong decision making factor for moms (96 percent), which can often conflict with moms’ desire to provide healthier food choices. The survey also found that 66 percent of mothers want to provide something for lunch that their child will eat without supervision, and 65 percent want their kids to love the taste of foods they serve them.

Suggest lunchbox-friendly Green and SunGold Kiwifruit to your clients. A two-piece serving of kiwifruit is equivalent to one cup of fruit – with 10x the vitamin C of bananas, 3x that of a mango and 2x that of an orange per serving.

Zespri® Kiwifruit: Authentically Nutritious & Naturally Sustainable

Mintel Research2 reports that consumers as a whole have a rising interest in eating healthy—especially in the natural foods category. In fact, 78 percent of those who reported improving the health of their diet in the last year said that they are at least somewhat interested in natural products. Mintel also reports that 82 percent of consumers who buy natural products state that they are more concerned about the environment now than they were five years ago.

As eco-attitudes increasingly help shape food purchasing decisions among your clients, we’d like to share some of the ways that Zespri works to minimize its carbon footprint:

Progress in the orchard.

Zespri manages every stage of the growing process. This includes limited use of fertilizers, irrigation, herbicides and pesticides to ensure a healthy and environmentally-friendly fruit. Zespri® Kiwifruit growers take extra steps to minimize waste and optimize recycling. Zespri® Kiwifruit does not include any genetically modified organisms.

Principles continue post-harvest.

All Zespri packaging is recyclable or reusable. In addition, we apply no post-harvest chemicals on the kiwifruit, with the exception of a naturally occurring gas found in some fruits called ethylene, which may be used to ripen early shipments.

Sustainable systems breed quality, too.

Zespri monitors the kiwifruit throughout the shipment in order to ensure a consistently enjoyable product. Its sophisticated distribution system can track any “problem” fruit back to the grower, which ensures good quality even further.

The kiwifruit industry has grown in harmony with nature for over 100 years, enabling ZESPRI to deliver top quality kiwifruit to consumers around the world. When you buy Zespri® Kiwifruit or recommend it to your clients, you can be confident that the fruit is safe to eat and has been grown with good stewardship for the environment.

1 Mothers seek simple nutrition over trendy ingredients, survey. Nutra Ingredients USA. March 24, 2009.

2 Mintel Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Natural/Organic Food and Beverages, U.S. March 2010.nutrition_equation