The New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry: Putting life into life since 1904

More than 100 years in the making, the New Zealand kiwifruit industry has a rich history.

Click on the kiwifruit slices along the interactive timeline below to see the people and events key to Zespri’s International success.

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Isabel Fraser

Hand carried the first kiwifruit seeds from China Mary Isabel Fraser was born in 1863. She was the oldest of three daughters born to Mary Graham and Hugh...

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Kiwifruit’s name

Back when Isabel Fraser brought New Zealand’s first kiwifruit seeds over from China in 1904, the fruits were known by the Chinese name, yang tao, but New Zealanders...

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Striking SunGold

In the late 1970′s, New Zealand kiwifruit growers began experimenting with the natural development of a golden kiwifruit. Seeds were imported from China, where a female plant, chosen...

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